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Electric eyewear & sunglasses are constructed using the highest grade optical glass and polycarbonate lens materials and block 100% UV rays and filter out UVA, UVB and UVC, the three most harmful sun light rays.

Electric Eyewear With Mold Injected Grylamide Frame

All Electric eyewear, sunglasses and goggle frames are constructed of mold injected grylamide, which is proven to have the best memory retention in variable temperatures and environments. This assures both reliability and a comfortable fit throughout the life of the product.

Designed with style and function as the precedent, Electric eyewear & sunglasses have style to appease the hidden and not so hidden personality in everyone.

Try our quality products today like Electric eyewear, Electric sunglasses and many more exciting products. Our Electric eyewear, goggles & Electric sunglasses will give you a comfortable fit for years and will last very long. Thanks to its outstanding quality.

Electric Sunglasses and Eyewear – Eyewear with Attitude.

Electric Sunglasses

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Electric Sunglasses

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